Missions & Network

This association aims to promote interactions between scientists interested in the study of the cerebellum in all its modalities (development, cellular neuroscience, integrative, cognitive and computational, pathologies, …) and using various methodologies (molecular et cellular biology, génétics, in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology, imaging, behavior, clinical and translational research, …). The association is a signatory to the ALBA declaration for equity and inclusion. As such, it’s committed to promote diversity in our scientific community by promoting practices and implementing means that identify biases and fix it, and promote an inclusive and positive environment.

This association aims in particular :

  • To promote the development of scientific research in all fields concerning the cerebellum, for itself or in interaction,
  • To promote exchanges between French-speaking researchers, in particular by organizing an annual conference, seminars or any other means that it deems useful,
  • To promote the diffusion of knowledges in society,
  • To promote exchanges and collaborations at the international level and to participate in the influence of research carried out on the cerebellum in French-speaking countries by associating with existing international networks,
  • To contribute to the permanent progress of the scientific and technical level and the quality of education in this field.

ALBA Network

Society for Research on the Cerebellum and Ataxias (SRCA)

The cerebellum Club

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