Missions & Network

The mission of this association is to promote interactions between researchers interested in the studying the cerebellum. We hope to encourage interdisciplinary interactions across all approaches to understanding cerebellar function: developmental, neurobiological, integrative, computational and cognitive neuroscience. As well, hope to take advantage of the diverse knowledge of cutting edge approaches to studying the cerebellum (molecular and cellular biology, genetics, electrophysiology and cellular imaging in vitro and in vivo, behavior, pre-clinical and clinical research.

The specific objectives of this association are:

  • Promote the development of common research programs spanning all the scientific domains pertaining to the cerebellum.
  • Federate scientific exchanges within French cerebellar researchers, most notably by organization a yearly conference, occasional seminars and other useful instruments to encourage communication and collaboration.
  • Promote knowledge exchange between members.
  • Encourage interactions and collaborations between its members to compete at the international level.
  • Federate international collaborations by establishing links between national and international networks oriented towards cerebellar research.
  • Strengthen international standing of French cerebellar research

Contribute to ongoing technical advancements and improved quality of scientific teaching.

Society for Research on the Cerebellum and Ataxias (SRCA)

The cerebellum Club

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