Research Teams

Brain Development, Repair and Ageing (Rachel Sherrard, Jean Mariani)

Cerebellum, Navigation and Memory (Laure Rondi-Reig)

Cerebral Dynamics, Plasticity, Learning (David Hansel, Carole Levenes)

Cognitive Neuropsychology and Pathophysiology of Schizophrenia (Anne Giersch)

Dynamic Neuronal Imaging (David Digregorio)

Fundamental and pathophysiological mechanisms implicated in ataxia (Hélène Puccio)

GABAergic circuit development (Fabrice Ango)

GABAergic synapses of the cerebellum (Team leaders : Alain Marty & Brandon Stell)

Glutamate synapses in the cerebellar cortex (Team leaders : Céline Auger & David Ogden)

Inhibitory Transmission (Stéphane Dieudonné, S. Supplisson)

Integrative Multisensory Perception Action and Cognition (Denis Pélisson)

Movement disorders, investigations and therapeutics (Mov’It) (Marie Vidailhet & Stéphane Lehéricy)

Neuropeptides, Neuronal death and Cell plasticity (David Vaudry)

Neurophysiology of Cerebral Circuits (C. Léna, D. Popa)

Optical probing of the cerebellar circuit (Team leaders : Isabel Llano & Thibault Collin)

Physiology of Neural Network (Philippe Isope)

Physiopathology of Psychiatric Diseases: Development and Vulnerability (Marie-Odile Krebs)

Synapse identity and complexity in the mammalian brain (Fekrije Selimi)

Translational Psychiatry (Marion Leboyer, Stéphane Jamain)

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